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ITW is a Fortune 200 company with over 500 divisions worldwide. Our divisions are intentionally kept small and highly focused on specific market niches, providing value-added products to our customers. Consequently, we operate more like a small entrepreneurial company, rather than a large, multi-billion dollar organization. In addition, we have access to a centralized Technology Center which provides technical support, using the latest scientific and technological advancements in chemistry, physical and material science.

At ITW Fastex® we are Product Developers. We can help your company find a solution. We are much more than the sum of the parts available in our catalog. ITW Fastex® engineers become an extension of your engineering department. They approach problems from every angle to uncover real solutions. We are equipped to find the fastening solutions you need--from concept to finished product.

1. Engineering Development
Engineering of new products utilizing CAD and FEA analysis to provide a solution to meet the application criteria.
2. Prototype
Prototypes are fabricated through a number of methods such as single cavity molds, metal forming machining and StereoLithography. Sample tools can support limited production needs.

3. Product Testing
Testing and performance
evaluation of both prototype
and finished product.

4. Tool Design
Tools are designed to optimize part geometry, cost and manufacturing efficiency.

5. Quality Control
State of the art equipment is used to
accurately measure part dimensions
and ensure process stability.
6. Production Tooling
Multi-cavity tools and stamping dies are built to optimize part design, dimensional stability and high volume production. These tools are constructed to class A industry standards.

7. Metal Stamping
Both multi-slide and
progressive die capabilities.

8. Insert Molded Product
Two shot and insert
molded capabilities.

9. Multi-Piece Assembly
Plastic to metal and plastic to plastic multi-piece assembly capabilities.

10. Injection Molding
State of the art injection molding machines with closed loop control systems to optimize part quality.

ITW Fastex®
ITW Fastex® - U.S.
195 Algonquin Road,
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Phone: 847-299-2222
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ITW Fastex® - Asia
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Kaohsiung, Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone: 886-7-811-9206-10
Fax: 886-7-811-1795 / 811-0332

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