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Adjustable Shelf Clips

Ultra Thin Adjustable Shelf Clip
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Ultra Thin Adjustable Shelf Clip
This new innovative clip is manufactured in a clear UV stabilized polycarbonate material and supplied as one piece. The Ultra thin design provides ultimate strength to be used with standard KCMA .125" (3.175mm) undersized shelves. It provides 5 vertical positions of adjustment at .250" (19.05mm) intervals and accommodates up to 3/4" (19.05mm) thick shelving. Available to fit 5mm or 1/4" mounting holes.

Adjustable Shelf Clip
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Adjustable Shelf Clip
This UV stable clear polycarbonate shelf cabinet clip provides 8 vertical positions of adjustment at ¼” intervals. This cabinet clip allows for easy alignment of shelving to muntin bars. This adjustable shelf cabinet clip is supplied as one piece. Simply break off the ratcheting backplate, flip and insert. Height can be easily readjusted by pushing the backplate through the part and reinserting. This adjustable shelf clip accommodates up to ¾ thick shelving. Sizes are available to fit 5mm or ¼” shelf support holes. It may be used with Clear Urethane Bumper (Fastex Part No. 4041-00) for glass shelves.

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