Manufacturing plastic electronics fasteners and wire management,
solutions, including panel fasteners, self-adhesive bumpers,
push-in clips, rivets, and other products for
the computer and electronics industries.

ITW Fastex® Plastic Fastener Manufacturer


ITW Fastex® designs and manufacturers solutions that respond to the fast-paced demands of the computer and electronics industries and the rapidly changing requirements for electronic fasteners, rivets, bumpers, clips, spacers, supports and other products. Fastex is a preferred supplier of products for innovative fastening and wire management solutions.

Micro Tuflok Fastener
One-piece fastener with a pre-driven pin that quickly installs by hand or with automatic equipment. This push-type rivet is front mounted and removable and ideal in high vibration applications, such as cooling fans.
Spring Loaded Tuflok Fastener
This clip securely fastens a heat sink to a printed circuit board. It also provides constant pressure to the heat sink enhancing thermal conductivity.
Electronic Fasteners Applications
Printed Circuit Board Support
PCB supports and spacers come in a variety of styles and heights and provide quick assembly of printed circuit boards. The variety of styles allows for assembly from top or bottom of board.
Electronic Fasteners Solutions
Snap-In Ribbon Clips
Secures and routes ribbon cable away from panels or moving parts. The clip snaps easily in a punched hole providing secure retention. The snap lock feature provides easy removal of cable during servicing.
Adhesive Backed Cord Clip
The fastest, most efficient way to organize wires, cords and cables. These UL recognized and nylon clips adhere to any smooth, clean surface. Smooth, rounded corners and edges protect wires and installer's hands.

Electronic Fasteners Solutions
Micro Tuflok with Transistor
This one-piece rivet is ideally suited for fastening electronic components to surface mounted printed circuit boards. Made from a heat stabilized, impact modified nylon, the Tuflok can withstand up to 850° during the wave solder process.
Led Holder
One-piece LED retainers snap in easily to a standard panel hole, either flush or counter bored. No additional retaining rings or installation tools are required.

Electronic Fasteners Solutions

NOTE: Not all parts are standard off-the-shelf products and are shown for concept only. Please consult your ITW Fastex® Sales Engineer for more information. Fastex fasteners and wire management products are known for their quality and reliability whether you need our off-the-shelf products or a custom design, let us help you find the solution.

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