Manufacturing access panel fasteners, snap-in bumpers,
leveling feet, grommets, rivets, push-in clips, Christmas Tree™
fasteners and other products used in furniture and point of purchase displays.

ITW Fastex® Plastic Fastener Manufacturer


ITW Fastex® designs solutions for today's changing workstations that require fastening methods and systems that are functional, cost-effective and versatile. With over 40 years of experience in designing metal and plastic fasteners, components and multi-piece assembly, ITW Fastex® can find a solution to organize space better, manage technology more efficiently or design a new feature for an existing product. Some of our furniture applications using panel fasteners, plastic clips, grommets, cord clips, and leveling feet are shown here.

File Retention
Plastic clip design provides an ideal method for holding hang rails in the cabinet drawer during shipment. Eliminates the use of adhesive tape. This unique clip design is easily installed and provides a secure attachment.

Office Furniture
Drawer Handle Grommet
Drawer handle and fastener are molded and assembled as one component, allowing end user to self-install handle without tools. The integral grommet eliminates the need for nuts and washers.

Plastic Leveling Feet
Glass-filled impact modified nylon is an economical replacement for metal glide and weld nut assembly. Designed for use in 16 and 18 gauge steel frames. Coarse thread design reduces the number of turns required for height adjustment. Patented Product.
Adhesive Backed Cord Clip
Fastest, most efficient way to route wires, power cords and cables along a baseboard or desk surface. These adhesive-backed wire clips adhere to any smooth surface and require no tools.
Snap-In Bumper
Provides a noise-dampening feature to drawers or overhead storage cabinets. Snap-in fastening feature is ideal for applications, which require high shear force and holding strength. Bumpers install quickly and require no tools.

Office Furniture
Tile Clips
Holds corners of the panel fabric to the frame, eliminating a labor-intensive gluing operation. When installed into a square hole, the four prongs of the clip exert outward pressure holding the fabric in place.

Panel Clips
Snap-in metal clips provide a secure method of attaching decorative panels. Upper and lower clips are color coded for easy identification for field installations and servicing.

Office Furniture
Spinweld™ Christmas Tree/Receptacle
A two-piece fastener attaches the inside and outside frames of the chair without any exposed fasteners. Utilizing ITW's patented Spinweld™ process, the fastener is spun against the frame, causing the two plastic surfaces to melt and molecularly bond. The parts were designed to accommodate misalignment and match-up the mating parts of the chair frame.

NOTE: Not all parts are standard off-the-shelf products and are shown for concept only. Please consult your ITW Fastex® Sales Representative for more information. Fastex fasteners are known for their quality and reliability - whether you need our off-the-shelf products or a custom design, let us help you find the best solution.

ITW Fastex®
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