Plastic bumper manufacturer offering Quietex™, self-adhesive, and snap-in bumpers and
spacers for electronics and other uses.

ITW Fastex® Plastic Fastener Manufacturer


ITW Fastex® offers the high quality Quietex™ bumper featuring unparalleled sound dampening qualities and durability for cabinet and vanity doors.

Snap-in bumpers are used where a mechanical fastening method is required.


Quietex™ Bumpers
The new Quietex™ Bumper is a sound and vibration dampening clear bumper. This revolutionary urethane bumper was designed to significantly reduce the noise of cabinet and vanity door closings. The sound dampening materials used for this bumper, combined with the physical design, softens the remaining sound by trapping it within the bumper. It is the ideal choice for cabinet and vanity doors where sound and vibration dampening properties are desirable and long life is required. The Quietex™ Bumper significantly outperformed every other bumper on the market in laboratory tests.


Snap-In Bumpers
This bumper is ideal for applications where a mechanical fastening method is required, such as applications exposed to moisture, uneven surfaces or surfaces which cannot be cleaned properly and surfaces with low surface energy (i.e., polypropylene/polyethylene).

ITW Fastex®
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