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Today's industrial environments, home offices, business, as well as a multitude of other areas, require clips to manage the vast array of wires and cables that are necessary to connect computers and electronics. Fastex has wire management clips, purse locks and straps to help arrange the wires into a convenient, workable, and organized manner.

The fastest, most efficient way available to organize wires, cords and cables. Just remove clips from adhesive strip of two and stick into place. UL recognized nylon clips adhere to any smooth, clean, hard surface, including wood, plastic and metal. Wires, cord or cables slip in or out easily, yet are retained securely. Smooth, rounded corners and edges protect wires and installers' hands. An aggressive rubber-based adhesive provides high adhesion.

Flat Wire Plastic Clips
The flat wire extruded TWINCLIP™ provides the fastest, most efficient method to route wires, cables, and cords. The clip comes in the unique two per strip concept which allows for ease of installation. To install clips, the first clip is peeled away from the release paper, the remaining paper acts as a finger tab to facilitate removal from the second clip. The TWINCLIP™ material is a ridged PCV with an aggresive rubber-based pressure sensitive foam adhesive tape.

Snap-In Clips Types A-J
Snap-In clips are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to meet many application specifications. Standard snap-in clips come in top or side entry, closed loop or with an arm to prevent wires from coming out. Some styles have a snaplock to secure wires in place and may be unlocked to change wire configurations.
Wire Management Snap-In Clips
The wire clip allows one snap-in clip to accommodate different bundle diameters, reducing the number of part numbers required in each assembly. Comes with a Christmas tree base.
Snap-In Adjustable Wire Clips
Snap-in clips provide easy, quick installation while allowing the clips to be opened and closed in the field for serviceability. This adjustable routing wire clip has a ratcheting action to accomodate various bundle .
Clip-On Clips
These easy-to-use-clips slip over a panel edge and snap securely into prepared holes near the panel edge. They require minimal clearance. Wires and cords slip in or out easily, yet retain securely.
Screw-Down Plastic Clips
Fastens to panel with a screw, Plasti-Rivet® or Canoe Clip®. Clip snaps open to easily insert or remove wires and cables. Clip snaps shut to secure wires and cables of varying bundle sizes.
Flat Wire Plastic Clips
The Cable Clamp offers a secure way to fasten cable bundles up to 0.27 [6.8mm] in diameter. This part can be mounted with either a screw or a rivet up to 0.25 [6.3mm] in diameter. The anti-slip serrations on the inner body of the clip keep the mounting hole aligned and the black Nylon material blends well with most cables.

Wire Tie Holder
Our Wire Tie Holder is designed to be snapped in from the front side of a panel. It provides both a smooth finished look to the front of the panel and a secure mounting point for a wire tie on the back.
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Standoff™ Purse Lock
Secures and routes bundles of wires, cables or tubing in particle board, wood, plastic, metal or compressible materials. It can be color-coded.

Standoff™ Purse Lock
This wire management purse lock securely bundles and routes wires and cords. It snaps easily into panel holes, insulates wires and holds them away from panels or moving parts. It can be color-coded. New Purse Lock Standoffs from ITW Fastex® feature easy insertion and easy attachment. They offer both smaller and larger bundle diameters than previously. Both parts snap into a standard .187 diameter hole with a panel thickness range of .025" - .090".

Standoff Purse Lock™ Hinged Screw Mount
The base of this standoff purse lock fastener is secured by a secondary fastener. The wire locating purse lock is then able to flex from 0° to 90° from the base providing cable retention as needed.
Hinged Purse Lock  - Locking
This new design allows the purse lock to hinge at a 90 angle and lock to its base. The unique arch webs in the purse lock provide a self-centering attachment of the bundle. This part can be mounted to a panel by either a plastic fastener or screw.
Purse Lock™ Wire Ties
Retains wires with a simple twist that interlocks tie ends. Holds bundle diameters up to 2.4". Won't cut or abrade wires. Can be opened for addition or removal of wires and reclosed.
Dual Purse Lock Standoff- Heavy Duty
The Heavy Duty Dual Purse Lock Standoff fastener is easy to assemble. This part allows the fastening of two separate wire bundles while providing a specific distance between them. Another innovative solution from ITW Fastex®.
Purse Lock Standoff - Harness Cable Clamps
This new harness cable clamp offers a top mount bundle installation. Part snaps in .187" [4.7 mm] diameter hole with a panel thickness range of .025" - .090" [0.6 mm 2.3 mm].


Adjustable Wire Management Straps
These plastic straps easily adjust to wire or cord bundle diameters.
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